I kinda wish that this blog can stand on its own, meaning that I won’t have to work so hard just to keep it up.
Well, since I just started with SocialSpark, I was pretty eager to see what it could offer and obviously eager to
earn with it. I was kinda excited that I would be able to do sponsored posts again and without having to hide it from the readers. The purpose of this post is to let advertisers know that SocialSpark.com can help in booming their business if they just have enough people linking back to them and bloggers’ posts are just as good as promoting their products.

What Is Social Spark?

* Advertiser Social Network
* Advertisers Interact With Bloggers – build up a network of media outlets for their niche
* Highest Standards in Word of Mouth Marketing – PayPerPost have up until now been responding to market forces and allowing the market to define itself. They are now going to be taking a proactive roll to lead the industry.
* Unique Blog Welcomeâ„¢ Sponsorhip – this is an amazing idea using overlays to present a blog sponsorship greeting to a visitor, and then the advert minimizes in a corner of the display. This is a much more visible method. From what I have seen this is a lot like the various types of corner advertising, but visitors will have already been greeted with a message. (this would also be a cool aleternative to popups & interstitials for any kind of marketing message) This option doesn’t take up any screen real estate.
* Accountable Analytics – current methods for advertisers to present the viability of advertising on a particular blog basically… suck – you name it
o PageRank is worthless – you can have a site with a PageRank of 7 and almost no traffic, and at the same time have a PR3 blog that gets thousands of visitors a day.
o Alexa & Compete are easily gamed and are highly biased in many verticals such as web design, SEO and technology, and the sites people in those industries frequent.
o Quantcast would be useful… but very few sites include Quantcast code on their sites, even those who are marketing aware.

Advertisers will be able to compare CPM and CPC advertising spends across their whole advertising spend and have full access to demographic data.
The aim is to provide advertisers and bloggers with as much relevant statistical information as they can.
* Open Platform – Izea will have their own API that will be available to the public, but will also leverage Google’s recently announced OpenSocial API
* Feedback – Advertisers can leave feedback on Bloggers, and Bloggers can leave feedback on Advertisers – everything is open…. transparent
* Integration with RSSBrief
* All data is searchable – this helps Advertisers find suitable bloggers to promote their brand
* Real Rank based upon Real unique visitors and page views (with widgets available to display on your blog)

Furthermore, all posts will have in-post disclosures and all the required links in the sponsored posts will carry the no-follow tag – something that should satisfy Google guidelines and hopefully silence critics of sponsored posts. Other exciting features are the blog analytics and of course the social networking tools.

So if you are a blogger looking for a way to earn some money from your blog, I recommend that you check out SocialSpark.

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