I believe that the iPhone has already been replaced by much better phones. Although the iPhone has many features, there are many cons that take away from the pros of the phone. In my opinion the T-Mobile Sidekick and Google G1 are replacing the iPhone. These phones have the same features but they’re cheaper and they are more convenient. While the iPhone can cost from $300-$400 the Sidekick and G1 are only a $100-$200 and come with a better deal.

With these phones you can get unlimited internet access, text, email, and instant messaging for $20 while this plan for the iPhone can cost up to $50. Also the keypad is very inconvenient and the buttons are small making it a pain to text on the phone. You always end up pressing the wrong button and ending up frustrated and eventually quitting. Maybe if the iPhone had a keyboard it would be a lot better but that isn’t happening so everybody has just given up on it.

In many surveys it was proven that many people are regretting buying the iPhone and are trying to get rid of it and I don’t blame them. Not only is their the Sidekick and G1 there is the new Blackberry Storm it is a touchscreen and has the same features as the iPhone but is way more convenient. When it comes to pricing and typing all of these new phones that are being released after the iPhone have been leaving the iPhone in the dust. I say this because from my personal experience I had the iPhone and it was the worst experience of my life. I would have been happier with any phone than the iPhone.

It has al ot of functionality and hardware packed into a very small space. My first reason as to why I do not believe the smart phones with google android could not overthrow the i-phone is that the iphone has a touch screen. As far as i know there is no ability to program a smart phone to have a touch screen in android, and I have been exploring google android for quite awhile now. Nor are there any smart phones for sale to the public in the United States that has one. Next, of the three smart phones I have used, none of their software has had the same on-demand, streamlined, glossy feel of the i-phone.

I wouldn’t suggest this phone to anybody. Now I have a Sidekick 2008. I am much happier than I ever was with the iPhone. I am so happy that I switched phones and carriers and I will never go back to the iPhone no matter how many generations they make and how many upgrades they make to it. So to anybody thinking about buying the iPhone, DON’T. You will be much happier with any other phone than it.

The first smartphone with Android, however, is eerily similar to an iPhone, touchscreen and all. The Android phone, dubbed the G1, offers one-touch access to Gmail, Youtube and Google Maps. The iPhone has a Youtube app, as well as a map service and a direct app to its own email service, so it”s even so far.


As far as availability goes, there is a link on the T-Mobile for those who wish to pre-order the G1. According to the Telegraph U.K., over 1.5 million people have placed their order and will have it shipped directly to their house. Well that sure beats hanging out in front of an Apple store for six hours to get an iPhone.


I would be remiss to not address the issue of sex appeal when speaking of the iPhone. I think it has been written into law that you are 18 times cooler than anyone else in the room when you pull out your iPhone and begin showing everyone clips of a cat flushing a toilet on Youtube. To be quite frank, I can’t argue with the coolness of that, so this one has to go to the iPhone.


Both phones carry an unlimited data plan, allowing users to be as unproductive as possible whenver they desire. The iPhone recently went full throttle with its App store and it is in the “you will see this commercial nine times a day no matter what channel you’re watching” phase of advertising. Google will also have 3rd party games and apps as well, which is a given considering Android is an open-source platform, meaning anyone can write software for it.


For right now, the Google Android platform will certainly be desirable to a lot of frustrated users not getting enough out of their phones and who are unwilling or unable to switch to AT&T to get the iPhone. For those who are partial to Apple, as well as those who insist on buying more phone than they can use, the iPhone will still be a top choice. Only time will tell which group turns out to be larger and louder.

I suggest you save your money and to buy a better phone like the Sidekick or any new phone. IF this doesn’t help you to make up your mind in buying the iPhone then search the web and blogging sites about the iPhone which will help convince you and prove my point in not buying the iPhone. Like I said the iPhone may seem really great but its not worth the publicity. The era of the iPhone is over and it is time to move on. (All information found off of T-Mobile website, ATT website, and blogging websites discussing the controversy of the iPhone.)

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