I’ve done a lot of blogging in my time and it can generate a good revenue and if your looking for a way to start making money you don’t need any budget whatsoever to get started. and a brilliant way to make an extra income or even a serious amount of cash!

Blogging has become very popular lately. For one thing, it’s entirely free. For another, you don’t need to have any technical skills what so ever to get started. If you can read and write, then you can blog.

What is a blog? a blog is a simple web page that anyone can set up in minutes. People use them as journals, diaries, and sales pages, or just to talk about there daily life or share there life storeys, write poems or just to talk about the day you’ve had.

The definition of blogging is something that is very much changing. For many years, blogs were defined as text based websites that kept records of days, similar to a captain’s log on a ship or the head Mistress writing her daily reports. However, this started to change as the group of people who kept blogs became more diverse. The more bloggers began to explore the limits of the medium and of the technology that made it possible, the more the boundaries of what could be called a “blog” expanded. Today, there are so many photo blogs, and there are even video blogs called vlogs. Mobile blogging devices may well change the definition of blogging entirely by making it possible for bloggers to create new kinds of posts. Another element of the blogosphere that is starting to redefine blogging is the corporate blog

You may be wondering how you can make money with a free blog. The answer is by adding Google AdSense you will not make money overnight with this system, but over a couple of months, you can expect to start making some decent money. Remember, the cost for all this is absolutely nothing and with Google AdSense you will see your earnings grow. The other good thing is, once you have created many blogs or have your website up and running you can generate earnings and royalties forever..

There are 100s of places to blog where you can write, you can even write about your cat or dog! or your days at work and be paid for it!, but you will need to sign up for Google AdSense to receive your AdSense publisher ID which can take at least two days, and to start receiving revenue. This I.D. is a unique number and is used on all blogging, website platforms.

Remember, everything you need to start making money to day is 100% free and before you start blogging or create your own website you will need to sign up to Google Adsense.

-Article copied from http://topbloggingtips.blogspot.com/

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