Another way to earn money online is your blog articles.. Many advertising company such as google adsense, kontera, infolinks, adbrite, bidvertiser and etc pay their publisher only if there has thousands of impression on your blogs. You must write a good niche to maximize your advertisement earnings. Publish hundred of blogs may not confirm that you will get thousand of impression. Let me introduce you a web that pay you $3 – $6 USD per articles you submit to them as your downpayment.. Seem interesting isn’t it? But how do you get paid? You have not to own a blog or even blogs… but only write around 400-500 words a day about something interesting on the net and you will get paid.

1) Your published content can be used elsewhere. Therefore, you can take an older blog entry you’ve done, submit it for approval at Associated Content and profit from it. You will need to select this option when you publish an article (you can choose between articles “exclusive to AC” or articles you “may have published or will publish elsewhere”).

2) Payment is alot faster than other moneymakers online. There’s no waiting for the following month or for a buildup of your money to a minimum threshold. PayPal payment is typically done within 3-6 business day to your PayPal account. Not a bad deal at all. Fast, easy money straight to your PayPal.

3) Once you accept an offer on the site, the payment doesn’t stop there. For every 1,000 views your article gets (by others, not just your IP), you will receive $1.50. It keeps going on and on. Theoretically if you had 100,000 page views of your article, you’d receive $150.

4) Other offers will be presented to you for the taking. For example you may have submitted gardening articles that were accepted. AC may display relevant opportunities for articles with upfront payment. They may want an article about specific gardening practices and will present those opportunities to you for payment should your new article be approved.

5) You don’t need a website or blog to make money. You don’t need to be a blogger
or own a website to qualify for this free site. Perhaps you enjoy writing or have some material already prepared on your computer. This site is suitable for just joining and providing freshly written content to.

Dont wait so long until others grab this opputunity. You must register as‘s member. Follow this link to complete your sign up form. Start submiting your post to and start making money from them.

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