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1) WidgetBucks

WidgetBucks is brand-new on the scene and has already swayed numerous publishers from traditional advertising programs. The popular widget-based ad system is proving itself to be highly effective for website owners and bloggers who are looking for a more profitable edge. WidgetBucks reports that publishers are content with the average $2+ CPM pay rate. You will find a complete and helpful evaluation of this new product on this review site. Did I mention, as a blogger myself, it’s the only advertising program i’ve actually made money with.

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2 ) Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a PPC service, and they also offer PPC for ebay items. Whilst this blog isn’t ideal for maximum earnings, the make money, internet marketing and blogging niche are in particular advertising blind, I am willing to give it a go.One good point I have noticed is that Bidvertiser is authorised on a per blog basis. I doubt I would be allowed to run adverts on anything that wasn’t a quality blog.Also with the growing trend of bloggers advertising on other blogs, it could still be quite reasonable income.

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3 ) Adbrite

Adbrite offers two ways to sell ad space. Firstly, sites are indexed by category and tags so that advertisers can search for certain kinds of sites in AdBrite’s marketplace. They can then make a bid on that ad space which will compete with any other bids made. Secondly, they offer users the option of posting “Your Ad Here” on their sites, enticing their traffic to choose to advertise. About 50% of most AdBrite users’ sales are generated through each method. Flat rate ads pay the price that the publisher approves for that specific ad. CPC and CPM ads in auction mode are paid at the rate of $.01 over the highest bid.

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