Today is the last day for my holiday… On the next two days will be my working day and this blog will be silent for a moment. For giving my reader new information I’ll let myself to write a little words before continuing my work in the Legendary Island’s, Langkawi Island. Once I think bout it, make me feel lucky. ” Oh there is a lot of candidate out there who has no employment! And I was chose as an employee”. What am I do for the last 4 days? Honestly, I never went out for window shopping even having a date with someone or having a chitchat with my old friend who live in KL or being unpredictably person at home. ( nyeh :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ) However, I never let myself missed the latest information on the net so no one can called me “kuno!!” :roll: :roll: :roll:.

Web search engine which is known as Google sure name often play in consumer lip internet user in every worldwide. Enthroned as between fastest and able Internet search engine produces results search in accordance with consumer demand, Google often regarded as a performance benchmark for search engine other in effort increase their capacity.

If last year, Cuil appears in competition or even more accurate, search engine war in effort match Google, now emerging another search engine to fulfill consumer demand. If Cuil are developed by experienced former expert in search engine development and design Google one myself, search engine given this Bing’s name are developed by Google main competitor namely Microsoft.

Bing is not the only search engine try to compete Google. Previously also had many other search engine try defeat them, but hit a dead end. Search engine such as Hakia, Mahalo and Search Wikia until today yet unsettle Google position. In fact Yahoo and appear earlier already succeed to be overcome Google. After years try, they yet able to wrest back their throne. So, what which made Bing so special and should be given attention?. Try it yourself. I do myself and found that this search engine is faster to crawl the web on the net. Such thing is there is no advertisement yet so engine crawl faster. Therefore, it seem like g9ogle appearance but have background upon using it. - New Google competitor - New Google competitor

Only time will determine whether Google would be overpowered by other search engine. Even though only supplied with website that short, Google have proved their emergence keep this time consumer demand. Relatively its, still plentiful should make by Bing in compete Google, but by no means least as much as his emergence doubtless make Google would be folding doubled again their effort to ensure their crown not seized!

Will beat to be the best search engine eva?

Back to the main topic of the day which is the BEST application for IPhone that we must use nowadays. For those reader who might not read my last post about the different between Iphone , Nokia N5800 and Google Android Smart phone must be strange bout this three. So feel free to read the article before go through to this article.



For those who have one of this three gadget, please allow yourself to pay attention while reading this awesome information bout your’s exclusively brought to you. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Come again, the Apple app store offers several leading-edge apps that covers a wide range of productivity solutions from e-mails, invoices to virtually CRM. There are a loads of these productivity apps already in use, we picked the top 10 newest ones to make your iPhone a more productive tool than you ever made it.

1. Financer Lite


Download Now

Believe me, there’s no bigger headache for me than tracking my finance. Hope there was a bamboozle to get rid of this. But there’s this Financer Lite that seems to make things easier. This iPhone app is designed to help you track your expenses and access your account balances in a convenient manner. Financer keeps a record of all your deposits and withdrawls and organize them. The app can perfectly compliment your Checking and Savings account.

2. HiTask


Download Now

This one is a simple web-based task management application that assists in creating your to do list and managing your team and project. With HiTask you can share tasks or assign them to your team members.

3. Noter2 Lite


Download Now

This app offers you a simple and intuitive interface for effectively and efficiently creating, editing, prioritizing and managing your notes. The app also allows you share notes by email and to sync notes between the iPhone and computer. Further, with the feature you can manage appointments, important dates and day-to-day activities from any system.

4. Torch Project Management


Download Now

This is a great iPhone app for business communication. Torch allows you to communicate with your colleagues, clients and suppliers. Torch allows you to attach several things to your project that include messages, e-mails, files, events, tasks, Google docs, time tracking, bids, and invoices.

10. Twinkle

This is essentially a Twitter client included in our list productivity apps. Twitter is a productive social media that’s helping out a lot of businesses. With Twinkle you can get your Twitter updates right on iPhone without having to refresh your tab. Well, that saves your time spend on the site and doesn’t affect your participation in the community. Twinkle, twinkle little app, posting tweets is now a snap. Download Now

You can read this full iPhone apps coverage at

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