You want to be a successful blogger, the first most important concern will be your TRAFFIC! How to increase traffic on your blog? Without traffic, no matter what you write, you can share your thoughts with good articles and posts but you are never going to be successful, because you don’t have traffic! Let me share with you, step by step how I use these 10 powerful strategies to increase BLOG TRAFFIC and build massive income with them.

If you want to become pro blogger, you need to get steady heavy traffic. The easiest way to bring a consistent amount of traffic to your website is through Search Engine Optimization. This is when you edit the code of your websites so that they can be indexed and found easily by users searching on sites like and

In order to give a specific answer to any individual blogger about how to increase traffic to a specific blog with the aim of increasing income, one would have to do a thorough review of the blog, determine what expertise and skill sets the blogger has or lacks, ascertain whether the blogger can actually write, ascertain whether or not the blog is set up properly for SEO, and determine what they have already done to establish organic traffic. It also takes money to make money so another important thing to ascertain is how much the blogger is willing to invest into their blog in order to make an income from their blog.

1# No Registration

I personally comment on hundreds of different blogs every week. The only reason that would prevent me from commenting on a blog would be having to register first. You see, people have busy lives, and asking them register before leaving a comment is practically telling them not to comment at all. I understand why many sites require registration before commenting (to reduce spam), but they are loosing out on so many comments because of that. Commenting should be fun, so remember to keep commenting as simple and easy as possible. So No need to register your commentor!!

2# Help Others to get traffic

One of the things that has helped me get traffic and links to my blog is simply helping other bloggers.

I often link out to other blogs and sometimes I’ll get a link back. One day, I took this linking out strategy a little bit further. I did some SEO on a post where I linked out to a popular blogger. This post got a number #1 and sent him a lot of traffic over the next couple of days.

Next thing you know, I checked my logs and I saw a lot of traffic coming from his blog. He had published a post welcoming my readers and included a link back to my blog in the post. Also, he added me to his small blogroll. I get a good amount of traffic every month from the blogroll link.

In my opinion a good method is word from mouth. Spread around your website to your friends and you might find a couple of people who constantly view your site and decides to send the website to their friends etc.

3# Give a gift to your commentor

Let’s face it, sometimes doing good for the sake of good just doesn’t cut it. Why should anyone comment on your blog when there are millions of others to choose from? Occasionally, it helps to provide incentives for your readers to comment. You can give away eBooks, themes, or other products to those who comment; this works wonders since your readers are always on the lookout for free stuff. I’m pretty sure you’ll have a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you after you do. So they feel appreciated on you. It can be surprising how such a small “thank you” at the end of your posts can take your comment section a long way. Your readers are taking their time to leave comments on your blog, so the least you could do is thank them for their effort. A little thank you note can turn a stop-and-go commenter into a very loyal reader. Think about it

4# Wrote a relevant articles to others

Spend two days a week spend an hour writing one thoughtful and cogent article that’s relevant to your target readership. Imagine you’re going to be having it picked up and published in one of the key trade publications in your marketplace. Good grammar, good spelling, coherent sentences, and a valuable point or insight are all important. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I promise you, the better you write, the more your potential customers, clients, partners and investors will be impressed.

The other three days of the week? Spend the same amount of time and effort each of these other days, but this time find other blogs that are in your market space and add thoughtful comments to their discussions. Sometimes, when appropriate, link back to your own articles, but other times add your own comments just to participate in the ongoing discussion and, yes, gain some visibility in your marketspace.

5# Get a Linkback form others

Keep building good unique related content and related backlinks and traffic should increase in time.. Every blogger dreams about this. As the number of natural backlinks increase, your authority will also increase. But the point here is, are those natural backlinks really worth it? The answer is yes. It is a kind of virtuous circle. The higher the number of backlinks you have, the higher your authority, and the higher your authority, the more natural backlinks you will get.

In my blogging career, I’ve learned only two ways to get good backlinks: hard work and patience. By hard work I mean the content you write. Blogs like SixRevisions and Hongkiat are among the most popular design blogs. If you visit them, you will realize the reason: the publish a lot of high quality content on a very frequent basis.

Link exchange is also a great and effective way to boost your traffic. You can go to Google Blog Search and find few blogs which have same niche with you and request link exchange with the webmasters by contact them. If you able to exchange a link with a blog which have high visits and traffic, your traffic also will increase after that.

6# Comment to others article

I think I don’t need to tell you why you should be commenting on other blogs. For instance, I still remember the articles TechCrunch articles where I managed to leave the first comment. At that time, my blog used to get around 40 visitors a day. On that particular day (when I left the comment) my visitor count increased to around 110 visitors.
Frequently leave comments on some experts blogs which have high traffic and Alexa ranking will increase your blog traffic as well. Do not comment using anonymous. Remember to leave only quality comment instead of saying a word “Hello”. Leave some quality comments so that other people will get interest on you and then visit your blog. Please get hurry to be the 1st commentor for them!!

7# Twitter’ing’ them so they will too

Twitter has always been a very good friend of mine for getting Traffic. Mostly the traffic depends on the kind of content you write. Twitter traffic is crazy about social media. If you are writing something like “10 tips that can make you Twitter rich” then I am sure your followers would love to retweet it for you.

One thing I really like about Twitter is that your articles which never get attention on social bookmarking sites can also drive you a lot of traffic.

**TIP: Twitter will only pay you off if you are regular. Try starting from 10 minutes a day and keep ReTweeting stuff. Most of your followers will reciprocate you and will RT your links too.

8# Run a blog contest

Run contests on your blog also a way to boost your blog traffic. The form of contest and gift is based on your budget and what your readers need. Think a creative way which can grab more readers to read your blog post. Example, the top commenter of this month will be rewarded a copy of your e-book.

9# Submit your blog to blog directory

This step is very important to get traffic for your blog. Submit your blogs to Technorati, Techmeme, Blogcatalog and other blog directories. Blog directories are places which you can submit your blog to get massive traffic. Thus, do not be lazy on this. They will increase your alexa rank.

10# Increase your reader loyalty

Increased recognition leads to increased loyalty. Every blogger aims to be recognized by those within the niche or industry. Think about your own habits as a blog reader. Which blogs would you say that you are most loyal to? Are they also the same blogs that you visit directly? Most likely they are. With increased recognition and direct traffic you will receive more repeat visitors.

These are the main 10 ways you can use to get tons of traffic for your blog. No harm to give out a try. After that what you need is blog with consistency and repeating doing them. Do not ever give out because your are surely failed if you quit. Try to find out your problem and solve it. This article will be helpful if you want to increase your blog traffic. So What Are Your Thoughts? Do you pay much attention to your traffic numbers? Have you found any specific ways to increase the amount of traffic that you receive? Sharing is carring…

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