Very recently I had the opportunity to spend several days writing without being interrupted. No, I didn’t sit at the computer for several days straight. What I’m saying is that my friends were at camp (sleep over) and dear honey was at work and I had time to write to my heart’s content.

I had full reign of my own time to write to my hearts content. Not only did I write, I was able to plan my writing assignments and create a schedule. I was extremely productive. Well, I became extremely productive after I gave the house what it wanted.

You see, the minute everyone left the house, I adorned myself with my writing muse clothes and let my muse have its way. Unfortunately, my muse kept getting interrupted by the loud house. The more I tried to write, the louder the house became.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience. The laundry basket starts to clear its throat every time you walk past it.Dirty Laundry The breakfast dishes in the sink began to hum. The bathroom started to whistle the tune “Clean Me.” I never even heard the tune before, but I knew what it was trying to say. The dog hairs in the hallway began to move together to form tumbleweeds and started rolling around the house. I don’t know how the hairs managed to do it, but they picked up a harmonica and started playing tunes from old western movies!

ARGH! Enough was enough. I told the house to shut up, but it just got worse. As the noise of the house was about to reach a feverish pitch, I decided to give in and clean the house from top to bottom.

I found that once I got it got rid of all the household distractions writing was a cinch. I’ve got to say that I honestly don’t ever remember running into such a situation when I worked outside of the house.

I guess working from home has its drawbacks too.

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