Our Story

Pride4Us - the freedom that shines together

Hey, Pridies! We are Pride4US.

We want to create a space for freedom and self-expression with our Pride as a brand based on gender diversity. Let's enjoy the designs created by the gay couple with our hands!

< Our Story >

We are currently a gay couple who have two beautiful boyfriends. Five years have passed since we fell in love with each other. My boyfriend was working in a design company in Canada. One day, I accidentally came out to work and was fired by my Design Company. I was mired in depression and frustration when I thought about whether I should be unfairly treated just because my gender was different. In doing so, my boyfriend and I pledged to change people's perceptions by elevating political correctness and LGBTQIA+ to art! That anger and determination have been stepping stones for our current "Pride4Us." Please join us for a strong start!

< Values and Messages >

Our commitment: Pride4Us is free to respect and embrace all genders and gender identities. Even if we don't support LGBTQIA+, we won't block their purchases. We're not like them! We'll work together to realize our radiant freedom.

Design Value: When I started my business, I saw many new brands that degraded artistry by using AI tools to make money. We didn't just start this brand to make money. To bring out the full beauty of LGBTQIA+, we use our experience as a design company to capture the full art of hand-painted products in our clothing and products. We are investing to create 3-7 day illustrations for our products. Please enjoy it!

Love and Community: Pride4Us values love and community. We respect and support each other, and we build a community that grows together.

We invite you to our wonderful and pretty shop. We want to create a space of freedom together and deliver a valuable message. Let's make a better world together!